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Before I bought "Saba" I viewed several other SS 28s, including one that Clarke Ryder happened to be the broker of. When I first met him, it took me a few minutes to realize who he was. What a pleasant surprise when I figured it out! In this photo, Clarke is standing in the saloon of the SS 28 he represented. [Photo: R. Groleau]

Who am "I"?


My name is Rick Groleau. I grew up in Livermore Falls, Maine, and moved to Massachusetts in 1979, where I have lived ever since. I owned a Venture 22 sailboat for one season in the early 80s (when I was in my early 20s), which I kept on the Royal River in Yarmouth, Maine. My next boat (20 years later) was a Bristol 27. I had that boat from 2003-2005 and also sailed it out of Yarmouth. I've also done some sailing along the coasts of Mass. and Maine with my friend Don, back when he owned a Cape Dory 28. This is my dog Tula, looking forward to a pee ashore.

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Comments and Questions

Feel free to send me question about my Sea Sprite or comments about this site. Let me know if you prefer that I not post your message and my reply below.             -- rgroleau at rcn dot com --

June 1, 2021
Saba has moved on to a new owner, a new family. I'm really sad to see her go, but it was time!
- Rick G
Yacht Hunter April 9, 2021
Saba is featured in an episode of Captain Q, Yacht Hunter! Check it out...

    Episode 34: Yard Find!

- Rick G

April 7, 2021
Although it's not easy to do, I'm selling Saba. Price is $18,000. Email me at the address above if you're interested
- Rick G

November 13, 2017
It's been a very long time since I've updated this site! Saba has been in my yard for the past five years, waiting for my two sons to finish college. (I needed all the money I could find to make school payments!) But I haven't been idle. I've been taking advantage of having it close by and slowly working on the galley. That work is now complete. You can check it out on the Galley rebuild page...
- Rick G

Dec. 12, 2009
Rick, My wife & I were with Sue when we met you to finalize the purchase of your new boat. Sue sent me a copy of your e-mail. What a change! The work you have done is not only beautiful, but thorough. The result is a beautiful boat with those marvelous Sea Sprite lines. I congratulate you on the work you have accomplished.
- Bob M

Dec. 12, 2009
Rick, this almost brings tears to my eyes.  You have done such a spectacular job on Saba (ex Liquid Refreshment).  An introduction, My name is Paul and back in the late 70's Bob and Sue took me under their wings and ruined me for normal life.  I crewed with Bob at the Chelsea Yacht Club on the Hudson.  I remember so clearly his desire to purchase the Sea Sprite, it's new delivery and the pride on his face.  It was such a special boat to him.

I found myself in Stonington as the captain of a charter boat in the late 80's and remember seeing her there. Bob had her on a mooring at Dodson's. She was starting to look a little tired then and I can only imagine what another 20 years would have done to her.

Bob is gone now, as you know.  He was a good man and a patient teacher with a quiet sense of humor.  I'm sure he is smiling down on you and what you have accomplished.

That being said I hope you enjoy Saba and have make many wonderful memories aboard her.  I'll keep reading your site and look forward to seeing where you end up with her.  You could take that boat anywhere!

I live in New Zealand now, sailed across the Pacific in 2005 and prior to that spent way too many years knocking around the Caribbean.  Went to Maine Maritime in Castine, your home state and now find myself driving a ferry in Auckland and chartering Ohana and another fishing boat on the side.  
- Paul

Dec. 12, 2009
Sue Yacavonis sent me the URL for your Web site.  I'm an old friend of Sue and the late Bob; in fact it was I who brought the 28 to Bob's attention when he was looking for a replacement for his SS 23.  I spent many weeks aboard "Liquid Refreshment," sailing with Sue and Bob or "delivering" her from Chelsea up here on the Hudson to some point east with a Sea Scout crew.

Your efforts are truly impressive. Given my connection with the boat and its former owners, and as one who maintains the teak on his Pearson 10M in varnish, the before-and-after shots brought tears to my eyes.

My warmest thanks for your efforts and I wish you and "Saba" fair winds.
- Barry M

Dec. 9, 2009
Thanks, Rick. Nice job on the web site. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas. Kindest regards,
- Clarke Ryder

Dec. 10, 2009
Hi Rick. I came across your boat on the Sea Sprite website. You have done a super job putting her back in shape. The brightwork changes everything and really spruces her up! Your website looks great as well. I like the SS 28 drawing in the top right corner too. I also have a SS 28 that I picked up recently that has some of the same issues yours did. Did you notice any softness in the bulkheads around the head near the floor? I bought it on the hard also so I have not yet sailed her and wanted to get your first impressions on your sails to ME (I know it's not a light wind flyer but still...). Did you find the engine (5411) was adequate in most situations? Good luck with the rest of your projects! Thanks,
- Shawn K

Hi Shawn. Thanks for the compliment, and congratulations on your purchase!

I haven't noticed any softness in the area you mentioned, but I'm not surprised that, if there's a problem, it would be there. The design of the boat's fiberglass liner funnels a lot of water to that area, and then to the cabin sole. That's why I quickly got water damage to my sole this summer. How soft is it? Do you think you'll need to replace it (or a portion of it)? My only(?) complaint about my boat is that it leaks too much at the deck/hull joint. That's where most of the water enters my boat.

I bought my boat, too, without knowing how she sailed. I've been be very happy. I haven't been in conditions that required reefing yet, so I can't offer an opinion on rough conditions. And if the wind it too light, I'm not reluctant to fire up the engine. The 5411 so far has given the power I've needed, but like I said, I haven't yet been out in rough conditions.
- Rick

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